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Living and Learning

A child's education is a vital element in his or her all round development. So we make sure that your child's time with us is stimulating and enjoyable.

We understand that children learn best when they are allowed to be creative and independent. At the same time we recognise the importance of high standards of behaviour in creating a happy learning environment.

The curriculum at Thameside is designed to challenge and excite all our children and is supplemented by regular educational visits. Recent outings have ranged from hands on trips to farms for the younger children and visits to museums and the Houses of Parliament for some of the older ones.

Each year Upper Junior children have the chance to take part in a high challenge residential visit designed to develop teamwork and other skills.

Visitors to the school also enrich the curriculum and we have recently had an invasion of Vikings!


Every Child Achieves

Our priority is that each and every child has the opportunity to achieve their best at Thameside.

We monitor closely the progress of all children so that they achieve as much as possible in all areas of the curriculum, especially in the core areas of English and Mathematics.

Lessons are carefully planned around our understanding of each pupil's needs and the progress we expect of them.

We never forget the importance of celebrating our children's success and do so in the classroom by displaying their work, in whole school assemblies and by writing home.


Every Child Matters

All children deserve an education that meets their individual needs.

Our teaching and curriculum challenges pupils of all abilities and aptitudes. We pride ourselves on identifying and addressing special educational needs with the right support at the right time.

We also ensure that our more able pupils are sufficiently challenged to make the most of their ability.

All Thameside children become a part of a caring and inclusive school community. They are encouraged to take responsibility for their school through an active elected school council, whose decisions make a real difference. For example, a new behaviour policy was introduced following consultations with the children led by the school council. This policy is available to parents on our website.

Some of our children are Play Leaders, engaging the younger children in activities every lunchtime. Recently introduce Peer Mediators have been trained to help children feel safe and secure in the playground.


A Part of the Community

We understand that Thameside School, its pupils and their families play an important role in the local community.

We have a very active Thameside School Association (TSA) through which parents and carers organise regular fund-raising events that have provided valuable additions to the school's resources. To contact the TSA, please e-mail the school secretary on

We take part in many activities including sporting events and tournaments with other Reading schools and music festivals at the Hexagon.

Our children share special festivals such as Harvest and Christmas with the local residents of Bristow Court.

Our children and their families have an impressive record of raising money for other good causes and enthusiastically back number of charitable appeals. At the same time our children gain a better perspective of the world around them.