At this school we recognise that reading is the keystone of learning and therefore it is vital that every child becomes a reader. 

By becoming a proficient reader, children will:

  • Have access to the whole curriculum
  • Participate in own learning
  • Develop confidence
  • Improve self efficacy
  • Make a contribution now, and in the future
  • Develop imagination
  • Increase experiences through books
  • Be able to access the next stage of their education

This will be done through:

  • Personalised reading programmes
  • Teaching all reading strategies
  • Specific time allocations
  • Specific adult to child allocation
  • 1:1 reading tuition
  • Target setting
  • Matching text to child need
  • Child self assessment
  • Frequent assessment

As soon as children in Key Stage 1 reach Y2 age related expectations they will be taught in guided reading groups.

Thameside Reading Guidelines for teachers can be downloaded below.

Mrs Greenaway (Reading Leader)

  1. Reading Policy and Guidelines for Teachers 2017