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What is Enrichment?

Thameside Primary School dedicates 5 full days (a total of 25 hours) of the academic year to running Enrichment activities for our children.

This year, the theme for Enrichment will be 'Me and My World.'

Children will have the opportunity to try their hand at five different activities over the year, selected from the following:

Zen Garden, mindfulness and junk modelling Tag Rugby
Yoga for mindfulness Asian Culture
A School Day around the world Blue Planet
Exploring environmental issues through Drama Marine Conservation
80 Days Around the World Endangered Animals
Den Building Mindfulness and Yoga
  Team Building games
  First Aid
  Walking Reading to London along the Thames
  Creative hat making
  Music making and composition
  Upcycling clothes

Dates for Enrichment this year

This year's Enrichment days will take place on the following dates (all Thursdays):

15th November, 7th February, 25th April, 13th June and 4th July.

We welcome parents/grandparents to come and join in as helpers. If you are free for all or part of any of these dates, please let Mrs Jacobs know via the school office.

Through Enrichment, we aim:

  • To give the children at Thameside the choice to explore new activities and subjects
  • To encourage children to pursue their interests and ambitions
  • To help build relationships with other children within their key stage
  • To utilise expertise of staff
  • To add activities that suit pupil needs (e.g. team building and strategy games)
  • To increase pupil engagement.

How we will achieve this:

  • Enrichment activities will fit into the theme 'Me and My World''
  • Children will be allocated activities at random to ensure access to a good variety
  • Activities will be offered by staff which reflect their own skills and interests
  • Children and staff will evaluate their chosen activity and give their ideas on how it could be improved
  • Sessions will have children of mixed ages within key stages (to impact positively on transition)
  • Foundation stage children will be included in sessions from the summer term


Please ask your child what they have been getting up to in their Enrichment sessions - we hope that they will come home enthused by the activities they have done!

Mrs Jacobs
Enrichment Leader