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KS2 Poetry Slam

November 2022

Well done to GBF for being this year's poetry slam winners with their performance of 'Annie McClue'!

See the poem performed by its poet, Murray Lachlan Young, here: 

2nd place - GOJ: I hypnotised my teacher

3rd place - BCF: The Pig

Well done to all of the classes who took part it this year's KS2 Poetry Slam!

  • GEJ: Tummy Beast
  • GTD: People need people
  • GMG: Everybody is doing it
  • GMK: Genius
  • BCT: Substitute 
  • The Nest: When I am...

2022 Winners: GBF!

2021 Winners: BAL!

2020 Joint Winners: GLE & BKE!

2019 Winners: GCO!

2018 Winners: BHR!

2017 Winners: BIG!

2016 Winners: BHR! 

2015 Winners: GCH!