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Let's Get School Ready Together!

We aim to support your child’s transition to school in a number of ways, through preschool visits, transition/meet the teacher visits, the parent handbook and videos of the classroom amongst other things.

There are some things you can do with your child in the run up to the start of the school term and beyond that will help them to settle into school life.

These include self-care and independence skills like washing hands and toileting independently, gross motor development like drawing large circles in chalk or water on the floor, fine motor skills like snipping playdough with scissors and social skills like practising saying ‘hello my name is…’.

Earn a Thameside High Five by completing these challenges to get you School-Ready!

  1. After using the toilet, wash your hands by yourself. Did you remember soap? Can you make lots of bubbles?
  2. Dinner time! Can you use a knife and fork? Are you able to cut up your food? How about trying something new to eat? How would you describe the taste?
  3. Get ready for bed in record time! Can you take off your own clothes and put on your pjs all by yourself? How about buttons and zips? Give it a try and maybe you could use a timer to beat last night’s record!
  4. Bedtime story – we love reading in Foundation Stage! Can you listen to a story for five minutes? What was your favourite part?
  5. How about tomorrow you practise the walk to school? How do you know you are in the right place? Can you see spot the Thameside swans?

Below you will find some more ideas about how you can help your child prepare for starting school.