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Number Days at Thameside

On an annual basis, Thameside Primary School takes part in the NSPCC’s Number Day.

Our Number Days are planned around a book which has a mathematical theme.

NSPCC Number Day is a national schools fundraising event for children and young people of all ages. 

Since it was launched in 2000, NSPCC Number Day has raised over £1.1 million for their work with vulnerable children across the UK.

The aim of Number Day is to:

  • Make maths fun and instigate a positive 'can do' attitude towards it
  • Raise money to protect children who need our help
  • Raise awareness about the work of the NSPCC 

At Thameside, children and staff pay £1 to wear a onesie for the day to raise money for the NSPCC and for the school. 

Click on this twitter link for our most recent Number Day photos: